Fraud & Scams


MOVCEL in order to prevent fraud and swindling give you the following recommendations to buy in an easy and secure products and services through our platform.

1. Choose products with reputable vendors, prevents the acquisition of the same people who have not been successfully qualified by other buyers above.

2. Remember to always ask for a physical address of your seller, so you have the certainty of where you can be reached.

3. Send an email to the address supplied by the seller, in order to verify that is active.

4. When you have finalized the product you're buying, remember to meet with the seller in a public place can make you accompany a person of your choice; Also, you should not go only to houses, apartment or office that are of questionable origin or who are located in a dark place or with little traffic.

5. Check the item you have acquired prior to payment, especially verifying the condition in which it is located, and that meets the specifications given by the seller.

6. Avoid the temptation of cheap, sometimes is more expensive, you should be very careful with those products whose prices are well below the normal value they present.

7. Do not make advance payment of the purchased product, expected to have in your hands and point the recommendation of two (2), proceed to make payment satisfactorily.

8. Beware of vendors who only support transfers of money as payment.

9. It is always recommended to perform all kinds of questions about the state of the product to purchase, ie, their status, the price and terms of sale etc.

10. It is your right as a buyer to know the true state of the product, therefore, request real photos of the equipment, preventing generic send you to presume the possible commission of a crime.

11. Keep in mind that it is best to purchase products within your same location, avoid buying products from a distance, because you could be scammed when receiving a product that is not appropriate.

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