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(Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, Los Angeles, 1974) American actor. His father, George DiCaprio, was distributor of comics; Over time, and thanks to the success and popularity of his son, has taken the professional business of this child, while taking care of your finances. His mother, Imerline, separated from his father when Leonardo was only a year old. Both spouses shared custody of the child, until he decided to emancipate himself in 1997. Leonardo Dicaprio His studies were discrete; Did not go to college and did basic education in Los Angeles at John Marshall High School. Its dedication to the world of the image began in the field of the advertising for the television, soon to participate in films of informative type. His first appearance on screen was with the film Critters 3 (1991), a discreet title in which fear and a rare sense of humor were shaking hands. Its debut as protagonist was in this boy's Life (1993), directed by Michael Caton-Jones, where it shared cartel with Robert of Niro; She was only 19 years old. The film earned him the New Generation Award and the respective nominations for the Golden Globe and the Oscar for Best Actor. In that sense, a relatively abundant series of productions followed, which somehow helped to break through the winding path of stardom in American cinema. So, participated in Who loves Gilbert Grape? (1994), as the disabled brother of Johnny Depp; And in Rapid and Mortal (1995), next to Sharon Stone and Gene Hackman, a western that claimed to be innovative, to greater glory of the protagonist actress, but that did not pass of discreet. He was involved in a curious version of Romeo and Juliet (1996), with Claire Danes, where the eternal myth that William Shakespeare conceived and which has given so much play to the cinema was recreated in a particular way, in which reality and dream And games over time were mixed in order to bring history to our time and to be accepted by a young audience.

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