Exterior NEXO Móvil 
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Requires Android 2.3 and up,
Current Version Android 4.0.13
Size Android Varies with device
Requires IOS 8.0 and up
Current Version IOS 2.2
Size IOS 2.4 MB
Offered By Consorcio Unplugged
Website Developer http://www.unpluggedcorp.com/unplugged/,
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Aug 5, 2016, 1:20 pm

In order to be able to carry out different operations and transactions without having to go to an agency of Banco Exterior or if you are not in your office or home, and you need to have a channel to do these operations you can do it through your telephone Mobile phone, with Internet connection, in a faster, convenient and safe way. To do this, you only need to identify the browser icon on your cell phone with Internet access and type www.bancoexterior.com in the address field, and then click on the EXTERIOR Mobile Nexus Banner located in the main menu. Requirements for access: To enjoy this service you must be a natural customer. You must be previously affiliated with EXTERIOR Nexo Online. If you are not affiliated with the EXTERNAL Nexo Online service, you must go to www.bancoexterior.com, click on the people option and continue with the Auto Registration. If you forget your username, password or are suspended, go to the link www.bancoexterior.com or contact 0212-5085000. Have on hand the user and password with which you currently enter EXTERIOR Nexo Online. Operations you can perform: You will have the different services currently offered by EXTERIOR Nexo Online Exterior Bank and will also have new services such as: Consultation and Movements of Accounts and Credit Cards: Account balance inquiry. Consultation of balance of billing, minimum payment, and date of next payment of the credit cards. Consultation of account movements. Transfers: Transfers between own accounts. Transfers to third parties of the same Bank. Transfers to third parties of other national banks. Transfer of Cash. Transfer of personal credit to account. Payments: Payments of own Credit Cards. Payments of Credit Cards to third parties of the same Bank. Credit Card Payments from other National Banks. Service Payments: Movistar, Movilnet and CANTV Pospago. Payments of personal loans. Recharge for Movistar and Movilnet Prepaid. Option Locate us. Through this option you will have a geolocation system where you will get information from the agencies and ATMs near your current location. Outdoor Option per day It is an option where you will be kept informed of news, promotions, services offered by Banco Exterior. PrevenTips Option This option will keep you informed of all the tips, rules and procedures of security for the different service channels: Internet Banking, Points of Sale, ATMs, among others.

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