1. Where is my Ad.

MOVCEL, in order to prevent fraud and the spread of spam, a span of Agreement grants to selected to Plan Your Listing Make Cash is published on the website

In case you do not view your publication in the search engine is due is in the process of conformity with the period indicated above. After the sin which should be displayed above report a via E-mail this situation for the Purposes of one verification procedure.

2. MOVCEL services are free.

No, MOVCEL, has three (3) publication plans (free , advanced and premium) for our registered users , each of them their particular service features , the first of them free other not

3. Can I place my free publication, requires a payment.

As reported in the previous answer, MOVCEL, has three plans publications

4. Can I edit my classified after placed in MOVEL.

Yes, after the publication of your ad you can change the pictures or add additional specifications to the product or service you are selling.

5. Avoiding fraud and scam buyers.

Be sure to transact with people in your locality and with people you can contact in person when making product delivery and receive the agreed cash as payment.

MOVCEL has no responsibility in transactions between buyer and seller, it is suggested to read the terms and conditions of our website.

Carefully review the bids and the amounts established for goods and services, usually scammers bidding or exhibit products below the amount established in the market

6. I forgot my password, what should I do.

If you have forgotten your password, you must send an email to the following address ///////////////////////// , in order to restore its key through a few simple steps .

7. How to delete an Ads.

Accessing your account MOVCEL, and following the steps that will indicate the software, you can remove your ad or product photos or goods you are selling.

8. How to get more information from the seller.

Clicking on the name of the seller you will locate more information

9. I have not received the confirmation of the publication of classified.

You should check the spam, spam in your inbox; if the problem persists you must republish the notice or wait for the period of publication established

10. How do I renew my classified.

MOVCEL in your account with 5 days notice prior to the expiration of your qualified plan, through which you can renew your subscription and continue with the publication of classified appears.

11. How buyers with sellers communicate.

By registering on MOVCEL the seller must provide reliable data such as phone number and email to allow potential buyers to communicate through a safe route, leaving MOVCEL relieved of any responsibility for the proper execution of the contract or promise to purchase.

12. What it is a verified account.

One that belongs to a vendor who has obtained the satisfactory rating of all sales you made, and the system through a scale indicates a serious and responsible person transactions through MOVCEL.

13. Can I upload photos to my classified.

Yes, depending on the plan you choose can upload photos quantities for each of the plans.

14. I have to register to use MOVCEL.

Yes, to use our platform you must register.

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