Terms & Conditions

For the purposes and effects of these Terms and Conditions, MOVCEL, LLC is defined as MOVCEL.

1. Who Can Use Movcel

Services provided by MOVCEL are only available for people who have legal capacity to contract, in accordance with the United States of America law. You may not use the services people who do not have that capacity, minors or MOVCEL users who have been suspended temporarily or permanently disabled. If you are registering a User as a company, you should be able to contract on behalf of such entity and to bind the same in the terms of this Agreement, all in accordance with the provisions of its constituent documents or powers, if any reason MOVCEL which is revealed to any obligation or sanction that may be incurred by the person using the services provided.

2. Obligation Registration

For the purposes and effects of registration, MOVCEL placed on its website a form to fill out the User in all fields with valid to use the services provided MOVCEL. The future user must complete with your personal information accurate, precise and true ("Personal Data") and is committed to update the personal data as necessary. MOVCEL, reserves to use all the means it deems appropriate and not contrary to law, to identify their users, however, MOVCEL not responsible for the accuracy of the personal data provided by its users. Users guarantee and respond, in any case, the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the entered Personal Data, either in administrative or judicial proceedings, because of actions may intend against him, being therefore MOVCEL, exempt from any liability.

MOVCEL reserves the right to request a ID or additional information in order to corroborate the Personal Data, and to suspend temporarily or permanently those users whose data have not been confirmed. In these cases of disqualification, all published articles and offers made will be suspended, without generating any right to compensation, in administrative or judicial proceedings.

Users will access your personal account ("Account") by entering your username and password chosen personal security ( "Security Key"). The User agrees to maintain the confidentiality of your Password Security. The account is personal, unique and non-transferable, and is prohibited from enrolling or a single user has more than one account. If it detects different Accounts MOVCEL containing matching or related data, you can cancel, suspend or disable them. The User shall be liable for all transactions in your Account, since access to it is restricted to the entry and use of your Password Security, known only to the User. The User agrees to notify immediately MOVCEL and reliable means, any unauthorized use of your Account and income by unauthorized parties to it. It is clarified that the sale, assignment or transfer of the Account is prohibited (including reputation and qualifications) under any title.

MOVCEL reserves the right to reject any application for registration or cancel it previously accepted without generating any right to compensation in accordance with the internal rules of MOVCEL.

3. Modifications To The Terms And Conditions And Other Documents

MOVCEL may amend the General Terms and Conditions at any time on the Site by making public the amended terms. All amended terms shall take effect on the day following its publication. Such modifications shall be communicated by MOVCEL to users in your Account Settings MOVCEL have indicated they want to receive notifications of changes to these Terms and Conditions. Any user who does not agree with the changes made by MOVCEL may request cancellation of the account. The use of the site acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use of MOVCEL, without in any way they can excuse their application.

4. Goods And Services Which May Publish

4.1 Using the accounts of the company to cancel the amount for publication. By posting an ad on the site, the vendor user expressly consents to the use of the accounts. MOVCEL will make effective the deposit in accordance the selected user plan also states that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of use of the service.

4.2 Publication of goods and services. The User must provide the goods and services in the categories and appropriate subcategories. The publications may include descriptive text, graphics, photographs and other relevant content and conditions for the sale of goods or service contract, provided they do not violate any provision of this Agreement or other policies MOVCEL. The product offered by the User Seller must be accurately described in terms of their conditions, relevant characteristics and quantities. It is understood and assumed that by including the good or service in MOVCEL, you agree that intends and the right to sell the property for it offered, or is empowered by its owner and is available for immediate delivery, without which he could then claim an act contrary. All articles to be published on the Website must show their sale price, unless otherwise stipulated by law. It also states that the prices of the products published must be expressed with the corresponding amount added tax included where appropriate the implementation thereof and in legal tender. MOVCEL may remove any publication whose price is not expressed in this way to avoid confusion or misunderstanding as to the final price of the product. It is expressly stated that any description may contain personal data or contact information, such as, but not limited to, telephone numbers, e-mail address, mailing address, addresses of Internet pages containing data as mentioned above. In the category where besides the email address and phone seller will be published, and may also include address and url of your website.

You can not advertise other means of payment, other than statements by MOVCEL page of article. If any of the provisions of this clause is violated, MOVCEL can edit the space, ask the user to edit it, or to cancel the publication where the offense is found and in no case be returned or give a bonus fees publication or Featured Publication.

4.3 Including pictures and photographs: You can include images and photographs of the product always provided that they correspond with the item, except in the case of goods or products or services that by their nature do not allow that correspondence. MOVCEL may prevent publication of the photograph, and even the product, if interpreted, in its sole discretion, that the image does not comply with these Terms and Conditions. The images and photographs of articles published under the Premium and Store, must meet some additional requirements as a condition to be displayed on the home page of the Website. Meet the requirements in compliance with Copyright Laws.

4.4 Prohibited items. May NOT be admitted to the lists of goods and services offered, those whose sale will not be tacitly or expressly prohibited in the Terms and Conditions and other policies MOVCEL or by applicable law. It is left clear that the offer, sale and purchase of currency and coins or bills current and circulating or foreign legal or course through MOVCEL is absolutely PROHIBITED. This restriction includes the provision of financial services or any other means to circumvent exchange controls or limitations imposed by law. Faced elements that demonstrate a violation of the Decree with Rank, Value and Force of Law on Foreign Exchange System and Illicit MOVCEL may inform legal authority and provide information related to the user and respective publication. For more information on prohibited items or services, you can consult our policy Prohibited items MOVCEL.

MOVCEL not sell, rent or negotiate with other companies the personal information of users except in cases and ways established in the privacy policies posted on the site. Personal information is stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high safety standards. MOVCEL will use its best efforts to maintain the confidentiality and security of personal data of its User. For more information about the privacy of personal data and cases to be revealed personal information, you can check our Privacy Policy.

To protect the information received, transmitted and stored, MOVCEL account security with ID and Secure Server Digital ID technology. These two systems help ensure secure transactions, using digital authentication and further communication with its users is done within a channel of absolute privacy. Some of the technology components of security MOVCEL include (i) digital identification (Digital ID), with digital certificates that allow use a virtually inviolable channel, since the information is encrypted by the cyber space and (ii) languages or protocols SSL (Secure Socket Layer) communication, through which MOVCEL makes use of cryptography or information overlay with a protective "coat" made of two keys: a public that all users can see and password private and unique spaces stored in "restricted passage". That way, you protect or encrypt a message so that it can only be received and understood by the intended recipient, using a public key that helps to activate the protection. For all these mechanisms, MOVCEL has engaged the services of digital authentication with one of the leaders in the market for Internet security company COMODO CA Ltd with a protection layer EV SSL, who provides the services related to digital certificates.

5. Obligations of the Buyer.

During the period set by the Seller, users interested made offers for services or products. The offer of sale closes once the deadline or the amount stipulated by the Seller are agreed, and offering service contract ends with the expiration of the publication.

The Buyer is obliged to try to contact the seller and complete the transaction if you have made a bid for an article published in the form of "instant purchase" or made the an offer, in cases where this method is permitted, except the operation is prohibited by law or the Terms and Conditions and other policies of MOVCEL, in which case it is not obliged to specify the operation. By bidding on an item you agree to be bound by the conditions of sale included in the item description to the extent that they do not violate the law, the rights of the citizen as a consumer, the General Terms and Conditions and other policies MOVCEL. The tender offer is irrevocable except in exceptional circumstances, such as the seller substantially change the description of the item after made an offer, there is a clear typo, or can not verify the identity of the seller. The tender offers will only be considered valid once they have been processed by the computer system MOVCEL.

6. Seller's obligations

User Seller must have legal capacity to sell the property subject to its offer. If the User Seller has received at least one offer over the minimum price established, he is obliged to try to communicate with the buyer and complete the transaction with the user who has made the offer. Only in exceptional cases, the Seller may withdraw from the sale, such as when there has been agreed with the Purchaser User of payment, delivery or not possible to verify the true identity or other information of the Buyer.

Since MOVCEL is a meeting point between buyer and seller and does not participate in the operations performed between them, Seller shall be responsible for all duties and tax charges that apply for the sale of their items, without being able imputed to MOVCEL some responsibility for violations in this regard.

When the seller has received an offer in an article by him published, you must qualify the counterparty in accordance with the provisions of Clause 14 of these General Terms and Conditions.

Prices. Considering that MOVCEL provides a platform where price and other terms of offer, sale and delivery of goods and services offered fixes only the User Seller, it states that the determination of the price is carried out in strict compliance the legal and sub-legal force in especially those related to price regulation, margins allowed gain or any other current or future regulations related to prices that are applicable when making the offer until the conclusion of the sales transaction giving rise to it.

Taxes. As mentioned above, MOVCEL only offers the users a virtual space that allows them to communicate via the Internet to find a way to sell or purchase goods and services. MOVCEL not have any involvement in the negotiation process and improvement of the final contract between the parties. So MOVCEL is not responsible for the effective implementation by the users of the platform of tax or taxes obligations under existing law. We recall that the seller is obliged to issue invoice or sales receipt for your sales, unless expressly exempted from doing so by the current tax legislation.

7. Prohibitions

Users may not: (A) manipulating the prices of items; (B) interfere in the struggle between different users; (C) maintain any communication by e-mail, or by any other means (including social networks) for the supply of the good with none of the users participating in the same, except for the section of questions and answers; (D) to publicize and accept personal data (including but not limited to accounts of Twitter, Facebook and any other social network). Exceptionally, it can: 1) indicate the address of the buyer to the seller calculate the cost of shipping; publish or sell prohibited items or in contravention to the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions, MOVCEL other policies or laws; (F) insult or attack other users; (G) use their reputation, ratings, comments or replies received on the site MOVCEL in any field outside MOVCEL, (H) indicate in any way in their publications or questions and answers any increase or modification of the price of the goods or service when the buyer chooses to use MOVCEL to pay for the purchased goods; (I) offering products for sale over the permitted prices or margins higher than those established in the current legal system, referred to in Section 6 of these General Terms and Conditions gain; (J) to publish identical products in more than one publication.

These types of activities will be investigated by MOVCEL and the offender shall be punished with suspension or cancellation of the offer and even register as user MOVCEL and any other manner it deems appropriate, without prejudice to any legal action to can result in the setting of crimes or misdemeanors or civil damages caused to the offer or Users.

8. Violations of system or Databases

It is not permitted any action or use of device, software, or other means tending to interfere in the activities and operations of MOVCEL, descriptions, accounts or databases MOVCEL. Any interference, attempt or violation or contrary to the laws on intellectual property rights and or activity the prohibitions set forth in this agreement shall be liable to its responsibility for the appropriate legal action, and the penalties provided by this agreement and will hold you responsible to compensate the damage.

9. Site Terms of Use Modifications

Without prejudice to other measures, MOVCEL may warn, suspend temporarily or permanently disable a user account or a publication, apply a sanction that impact negatively on the reputation of a user, initiate the actions deemed appropriate and or suspend the provision of its services if (A) any law be removed, or any provision of the Terms and Conditions and other policies MOVCEL; (B) fails to fulfill its commitments as a user; (C) if in the opinion of MOVCEL incurred in conduct or malicious or fraudulent acts; (D) could not be verified the identity of the user or any information provided by the same regardless wrong; (E) MOVCEL understand that publications or other actions may cause liability for the user who published them for MOVCEL or users. In the case of suspension or disabling a user, all he had published articles will be removed from the system. They will remove the system also offers purchase of goods offered.

10. Responsibility

MOVCEL only offers the users a platform for classified ads, through a virtual space that allows them to enter into communication via the Internet to find a way to sell or buy .MOVCEL is not the owner of the items offered, no possession of them or offered for sale. MOVCEL not involved in refining operations between the users, affiliates or the conditions they set out for them, for it shall not be liable for the existence, quality, quantity, condition, integrity or legitimacy of the goods offered, purchased or alienated by users, as well as the ability to hire Users or the veracity of the personal data entered by them. Each User acknowledges and agrees to be solely responsible for the articles published for sale and bids and purchases made. Because MOVCEL has no involvement throughout the time the article was published for sale, or subsequent negotiation and refinement of the final contract between the parties, it is the users who will answer for the effective fulfillment of the obligations assumed by them in the improvement of the operation. The User acknowledges and agrees that in performing operations with other users or third parties do so at your own risk. In any case MOVCEL be liable for lost profits or any other damage the user may have suffered due to operations realized or unrealized by articles published by MOVCEL.

MOVCEL recommends act with caution and common sense when making operations with other users. The user must have also present risks of contracting with minors or individuals who use a false identity. MOVCEL not be responsible for the making of offers and or operations with other users based on their confidence in the system or the services provided by MOVCEL. If one or more users or any third party initiate any claim or legal action against one or more other users, each and every one of the users involved in such claims or actions exempt from all MOVCEL responsibility and its directors, officers, employees, agents, operators, representatives and agents. Users have within 90 days of purchase to start a claim against one or more other users. Once this period has expired, they can not initiate a complaint from the site MOVCEL. Under the vendor user has the power to remove questions or deny a user to ask questions or offers in their publications, it makes clear that in that case, the user will be solely responsible for that decision and the consequences that could entail.

11. Scope of services MOVCEL

Under that MOVCEL only offers the users an online platform for classified advertisements via the Internet, you acknowledge and agree that MOVCEL is not part in any operation, and has no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items advertised, truthfulness or accuracy of the listings, the ability of users to sell or buy items. MOVCEL can not ensure that a user can complete a transaction or verify identity or personal data entered by Users. MOVCEL not guarantee the accuracy of third party advertisements that appear on the site and is not responsible for correspondence or contracts the User celebrate with such third parties or other Users. Moreover, it is clarified that this agreement does not create any partnership, mandate, franchise, or employment relationship between MOVCEL and User.

12. System failures

Under the platform provided by MOVCEL is based on software systems, hardware, and Internet, we can not guarantee access and continuous or uninterrupted use of the site. It is clarified that the system may eventually not be available due to acts of God or force majeure, as well as technical difficulties or Internet failures, or any other circumstance beyond MOVCEL; in such cases it will seek to restore as quickly as possible without any fault it some kind of responsibility. MOVCEL shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in its website. Users may not impute any responsibility or demand payment for lost profits, under loss resulting from technical difficulties or failures in the systems or the Internet.

13. Fees

Billing enrollment in MOVCEL is free. By posting goods or services for sale, the user must pay a fee of publication, the cost of which varies according to the plan Choose on the website.

By using the Services, under a pay plan describe in the products and services section the User Seller, shall pay a fee ("Fee") to MOVCEL when a listing is placed.

The User is obliged to pay to MOVCEL the rate, charges for publication or any other service provided by MOVCEL for which he has established a current rate. MOVCEL reserves the right to modify, change, add, or delete the current rates at any time, which will be notified to users in the form set out in Section 3. However, MOVCEL may temporarily change the Policy Rates and fees for their services because of promotions, such modifications to be effective when made public promotion or announcement is made. MOVCEL reserves the right to take legal and other measures it deems appropriate to obtain payment of the amount due.

If charges have been invoiced had not reciprocated, the user must qualify or modify your rating, indicating that the operation was not concretized, or should contact our Customer Service team to resolve the issue. Any question consult our billing policies

14. User reputation system

Because verifying the identity of users on the Internet is difficult, MOVCEL proposes a reputation system that allows reflect the history and reputation in the site MOVCEL users as reported by other community members, including comments and replicas made by the users themselves, under their own responsibility. Thus, the user can access this grading system that is updated periodically based on data related to their activity on the site and the comments entered by users according to the operations they have made. Both those Users that have proved buyers or seller must enter a grade reporting on the success or otherwise of the operation; also you can enter a comment if you wish. This reputation system, also to include a space where users can make comments and grades received replicas and access them. These comments will be included under the sole responsibility of the Users that issue and clarifies that MOVCEL not verify the truth or accuracy of discharges comments there. MOVCEL not responsible for transactions that users apply or not taking them into account, for the confidence in the ratings of the counterparty or other comments expressed within the site or through any other means, including email. Under the ratings, comments and replies are made by the users, they will be included under the sole responsibility of the Users that issue. MOVCEL has no obligation to verify the truth or accuracy thereof and is NOT responsible for the said there discharges by any User, offers purchases or sales users to make taking them into account or confidence in the qualifications of the counterparty or by any other comments expressed within the site or through any other means including email. MOVCEL reserves the right to edit and / or delete those comments that are deemed inappropriate

MOVCEL retains the right to exclude those users that are the subject of negative comments from various sources.

15. Intellectual property links

The contents of the screens on services MOVCEL as well as programs, databases, networks, files that allow the user to access and use your Account, are the property of MOVCEL and are protected by laws and international treaties copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial designs and models. Misuse and total or partial reproduction of these contents are prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing of MOVCEL.

The Site may contain links to other websites, which indicates not owned or operated by MOVCEL. Under that MOVCEL has no control over such sites, is not responsible for the content, materials, actions and services provided by them, nor for damages or losses caused by the use thereof, are caused directly or indirectly. The presence of links to other websites does not imply a partnership, relationship, approval, MOVCEL support for such sites and their contents.

16. Annexes

They are an integral and inseparable part of the General Terms and Conditions, the following documents and / or sections of MOVCEL incorporated by reference, where detailed policies and / or Terms and Conditions of various services offered on the site. They will be available within the site using the link provided below or by going directly to the corresponding pages:

17. Legal Address

User agrees to submit all the legal action to the courts of Broward County, in the Florida State, United States of America.

We are also in